Manhattan Home Design Reviews | Barcelona Sofa: 3 Tips You Should Know to Get its Full Potential

Manhattan Home Design Reviews | Furnishing your living room with the best available pieces taking into consideration quality and price is one of the most important things to achieve a balanced setup that doesn’t hurt your wallet. The art of sofa placement and layout design depends on various different factors like the material used, setup colors to room lighting, and getting the appropriate piece that matches your living room has never been this easy when you’re using today’s featured product, The Barcelona Sofa, and in this entry of Manhattan Home Design Reviews we take a look at it a give you 3 tips to make the most out of it

Barcelona Sofa
Barcelona Sofa White Leather

But before getting into the tips, let’s briefly talk about the details

Technical details about the Barcelona Sofa

Expertly made following the same process as the original by Mies van der Rohe to match the same quality. Dimensions overall height 30 inches, width 71 inches, depth 30 inches, seat height 16.9 inches so you can see that it is fairly large sized, big enough for three people to sit comfortably. Made with premium aniline white leather to guarantee the expected quality from a Barcelona product because you can’t skimp when making authentic replicas. A soft and resistant base that provides safety and comfort with style. Stainless steel legs that perfectly match the aesthetic and fashion of virtually any living room, bedroom, hallway, etc. 

Now, let’s get into the valuable tips for the Barcelona Sofa

1. Use it as the main piece

One of the valuable things about the whole Barcelona Collection is the flexibility and adaptability that comes with it thanks to its overall design. But a good trick that you should consider when placing the Barcelona Sofa is that you can place it as your living room main piece because it has all the characteristics to distinguish itself and potentiate your living room

2. Barcelona Sofa + Barcelona Ottoman = Greatness

The Barcelona ottoman is another great piece that belongs to the Barcelona collection, and it is also very adaptable when combining it with your favorite piece of furniture, but when paired with the Barcelona Sofa, you can really see why it is such a wonderful and iconic set of furniture. Comfort and midcentury modern at its finest. Pure class

3. Use it outdoors too!

The common use for sofas is to be placed in your living room, but the Barcelona Sofa has the capability of being used outdoors on your porch or patio and it won’t feel out of place, and this is again possible thanks to its architecture and design. One of the few kinds of sofas you can use practically wherever you need. Never underestimate the power of the modernist mastermind of Mies Van der Rohe

And there you have it, a brief rundown and 3 essential tips to make the most out of your Barcelona Sofa

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