Manhattan Home Design Reviews | Be Different with the Unique Egg Chair

Manhattan Home Design Reviews | In the search for the most elegant and professional design for our layouts, there’s the chance to lose track of what we consider important and just focus on what the most expensive and critically acclaimed pieces are, for example, you can like one specific table for your room, but the most famous one is there, really tempting you! It is fundamental to set up your designs and layouts with a clear objective in mind and with a focus on your likes, after all, you will be seeing them daily. Today, in this entry of Manhattan Home Design Reviews, we take a look at a peculiar-looking chair, the Egg Chair – Yes, you read that right

What is the Egg chair?

This funny-looking piece was originally designed by the Danish mastermind, Arne Jacobsen himself in 1958 as part of a commissioned work by the Scandinavian Airlines System (a.k.a SAS) Royal Copenhagen Hotel, located in Denmark, and now more than 60 years after its creation, it is still a very influential piece and one of Jacobsen’s finest

Egg chair

It is surprisingly comfortable

Despite what you may think after seeing it for the first time, yes, the Egg Chair is pretty much comfortable and capable of holding out sessions of book reading, binge-watching your favorite shows, and even enjoying a little snack while having a chat. While it is not recommended to have a long sleep on it, you can be sure about its interesting design not making it uncomfortable in the slightest 

The interesting shape of the Egg Chair

As you can appreciate, the main thing going for the Egg Chair is, without a doubt, its unique and compelling design that will catch anyone’s eyes. It is a piece with a distinctive personality and will massively improve the atmosphere of any of your layouts. One thing worth highlighting about it is that many people find this particular design to be funny and joyful (that being the main reason they got it) without touching the realm of goofy clowny furniture, which is a commendable feature

Technical features

With a seat height of 14.9 inches and a complete height of 43 inches, it is a fairly large chair that you should think twice before putting it in a smaller space. It is available in a wide variety of colors like antique brown, tan, red, yellow, burgundy, and of course, black. Comes in two upholstery options, fabric, and leather, so there are a lot of options to choose from depending on your desired outcome. And we cannot forget to mention that it also features a 360-degree swivel for increased mobility and a little bit of practicality

To conclude this mini-review, we can 100% say that this amazing chair is a fantastic choice that you will not regret

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