Manhattan Home Design Reviews | The Protractor Desk: a Wonder In Your Home Office

Manhattan Home Design Reviews. The modern furniture catalog is so large and diverse that, when you think you’ve seen it all, some other wonder always arises, whose existence you didn’t suspect, but which most likely has all the potential to become the new star of your layout. The Protractor desk, designed in 1949 by the Italian architect and designer Carlo Mollino, is probably one of those amazing products that you knew nothing about and now you can learn in detail and decide if you’ll make it one of your most prominent and spectacular work tools. Learn more about it in this fascinating new article from Manhattan Home Design Reviews.

This design, which can easily be the focal point of any layout in which it’s used, is a modernist icon within its category. The Protractor desk is considered a masterpiece for the way its structure is supported. Two solid wood beams hold its wide 15 mm thick tempered glass top, one of the keys to its elegance and strength. This glass plate is held by raised stainless steel support buttons, which give it greater strength and resistance.

protractor desk
The Protractor Desk

Much More Than a Modern Desk

From the first moment you start using it, you’ll realize that it’s a first-class piece, which only with its aesthetic value will enhance the appearance of your work environment in a surprising way. We live in the era in which the home office has gone from being an option to being the only alternative for millions of people. In fact, after the onset of the pandemic, many became so used to doing their jobs from home that they now consider it the only possible way to accept new contracts.

After all, the benefits of being able to set up, decorate, organize, and manage your own office are too great to ignore. If the time has come when you need to start putting together your home office, can you imagine a better way to start doing it than with a piece as impressive as this one?

One of the most appealing aspects of this model is its aerodynamic flair, purely minimalist, with a structure that totally breaks with the archetypal desk to deliver a model worthy of the talent, creativity, and ingenuity of an experienced architect, who knows well how to use the space and materials in original and interesting ways.

iconic modern desk

Some details, such as the stainless steel bolt sleeves that hold its five drawers, unify them and connect them with the top of the piece, and the drawer with an open face, also covered by a 15 mm glass panel, are what give the ultimate extraordinary touch and make it different from any other type of modern desk.

The Protractor desk is a much more stylish piece than you might expect from a wooden desk. Its walnut wood components, of superior and hypnotizing beauty, are something that will inspire you every day during your working hours and will make you feel that more than in an office, you’re in a space made to suit your personality.