Manhattan Home Design Reviews- The Woodrow Box Sofa and the Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa

In this Manhattan Home Design reviews article, we will make a brief analysis of two of the most attractive sofas in the catalog of this online store. Before that, you must remember that the style of the sofa you choose for your living room must be directly related to the environment’s aesthetic properties, and also to its functional capabilities.

A Mid-Century Modern style sofa differs from a classic one because its aesthetic is simpler, focused on functional elegance devoid of unnecessary decorations. Scandinavian-type sofas are almost always made of wood, with cushions of some material that serves to keep people warm since this style is typical of the Nordic countries where it’s very cold, just to mention one case.

Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa

However, leather sofas have gained considerable relevance over the years, and today they are still among the favorites of thousands of professional decorators, modernism enthusiasts, and users in general. Even within the category of leather sofas, there are different types of products that may be of interest to many people. The Woodrow Box Sofa and the Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa are a very valid pair of examples, considering that one has tan leather upholstery and the other can be considered a classic MCM model, mostly available in a black leather finish.

The most outstanding characteristics of modernism are of great importance in the world of interior design and decoration. The predominance of the trend has meant that some models in tan leather, such as the Woodrow Box Skandi sofa, immediately capture the attention of buyers when they see it in a showroom or in an online catalog.

A high-end Tanned Leather Sofa

It’s not just about color and finishes: it’s a robust, resistant sofa, with ample dimensions, ergonomic features and a design with timeless features that will continue to look amazing even after many years. Not surprisingly, it’s a model that very well expresses the general notion of modernism in the pieces of furniture created for indoors.

For a lover of Modernism, it’s easy to fall in love with those geometric shapes, caramel finishes, and soft and flexible surfaces that are also very durable and improve their appearance and characteristics over time. However, not everyone chooses it for its value as an MCM piece but simply because they find it beautiful and appropriate. For these people, it’s important to know that such a design can easily and quickly become the new focal point of the area because it’s the element that will catch all eyes.

Woodrow Box Sofa

In the other hand, we have the Woodrow Box Sofa. Its most notable features are enough to understand that it’s a top-notch product, created for demanding users:

  • The entire sofa is stitched and crafted by hand.
  • Extra durable spring support for the seat and back.
  • Premium aniline leather – only 5% of cowhides qualify to be aniline grade, we only use the best selection available in the market.
  • Reinforced seat cushion platform for medium-firm longer-lasting support.
  • The back, sides, and undercarriage are made in natural American walnut veneer.
  • The stiletto legs are made of walnut brass and include floor protectors to prevent scratches and marks.
Black Leather Finish

What user who loves modernism would not find a model like this fascinating?

The Woodrow Box sofa and the Woodrow Box Skandi sofa are available in the Manhattan Home Design catalog along with many other modern sofa designs.