Ride in the Wave of Our Curvy Sofas with Manhattan Home Design Reviews

Sure, curvy sofas and loveseats are all hype now. Everyone is after them, and the colorful they are, the most desired they are (and there are fewer people afraid to ask for that pink rounded sofa). In Manhattan Home Design Reviews you can tell how satisfied and happy people feel about it.

Curvy is the new normal.

Yes, there is going to be always space for classic pieces like an LC Sofa, but nowadays, when it comes to mainstream, it looks like the sky is the limit for rounded shapes. Soft textures, a variety of fabrics, bright colors, and an apparent pursuit for comfort are the main keys for new customers. Let’s take a look at how Manhattan Home Design Reviews witnessed this trend.

Curved Boucle Sofa Fabric

Are you looking for a 70’s lounging experience? You can definitely get it with the Boucle Sofa. Either in shape, color an texture, this elegant and soft creation by Antony Spon Smith take us to the most relaxed lounge rooms of the Travolta Era. Not a bad thing according to the Manhattan Home Design Reviews:

“Very Comfortable. This site is very comfortable and the boucle fabric is truly charming. I recently got it for 2 of my clients and I am considering for my home now”. Emily.

“In love with this design. I just received the sofa and I am soo excited. I have been wanting this sofa for months and I finally pulled the trigger. The design is fantastic and the quality is great – I am happy with it!” Martina.

Bellini Camaleonda Sofa

Just like the old fashion song, the Bellini Camaleonda Sofa in blue velvet takes us to a beautiful and relaxed place. At times a classic, at times the ultimate word in comfort, the Bellini Camaleonda is one of the hottest trends now in furniture. Low-slung pieces are very popular, and this creation is one of the kings of low cut. Manhattan Home Design Reviews portrays it this way:

“Awesome!. I truly appreciate being able to work with the team about the fabric color and the sofa configuration that I needed. I received my 2 sofa/chair and it’s working just like I intended. Thank you!”. Gustav Morrisey

“Love it. Love this couch. It exceeds our expectations in how well made it is. Beautiful almond-colored elegant sofa. It is firm but has enough bounce to be comfortable. Delivery was also great”. Alexandra Garcia

Fabiola Loveseat

Solid, but soft. Curvy but structured, lots of space for a loveseat. What else can you say about the Fabiola Sofa, one of the most splendid and comfy pieces of the MCM bootleg?. Manhattan Home Design Reviewers love it.

“A fav piece of furniture!. My wife loved this loveseat. She says that it reminds her a lot of her childhood. I couldn’t be more satisfied with that”. James.

“A marvel. Ivory boucle has always been a lovely upholstery for me. I think it works wonderfully well on this model. I loved it.”. Jack P.

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