Ducaroy Chair is one of the best pieces ever, why? Let’s take a look

Hey there, let’s talk about this fab piece of furniture – the Ducaroy Chair Tan Italian – that’s about to jazz up your living room with some Italian flair. In this review from Manhattan Home Design, we’re gonna dive into why you absolutely need this cool chair. Get ready to turn your space into a luxe haven that everyone will be jealous of!

Ducaroy Chair is one of the best pieces ever, why? Let's take a look
Ducaroy Chair Tan italian

Meet the Ducaroy Chair Tan Italian

Picture this: a stunning piece of furniture that screams Italian chic and is gonna be the talk of the town. Crafted with top-notch materials, it’s not just about looks; it’s also the comfiest spot you’ll find. This chair is gonna be the spotlight of your living room for ages to come.

What’s the Deal with This Chair?

So, the Ducaroy Chair Tan Italian is all about the premium stuff. It’s got a solid wood frame, polished with a deep brown stain, and metal legs with a classy Italian design. The seat and backrest are covered in this lush tan fabric that’s as comfy as it is durable. Plus, there’s a matching ottoman for when you wanna kick back and chill.

But wait, there’s more! An adjustable headrest, movable armrests, and a reclining backrest – this chair’s got all the moves to fit your comfort needs.

It’s Your Style, Your Way

This chair isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. It comes in different styles and colors to match your vibe. Whether you’re into classic Italian or want something more modern, there’s a Ducaroy Chair Tan Italian just for you.

Tips to Make it Work at Home

So, you’ve picked your perfect chair. Now, let’s make it blend seamlessly. First, let the chair steal the show – make sure other furniture complements it. Think about colors and textures that vibe with the chair’s elegance. Throw in some matching pillows and blankets for that extra cozy feel.

Lastly, set the mood with the right lighting. Soft and inviting – that’s what you want around your Ducaroy Chair Tan Italian. Add a floor lamp nearby for those reading or Netflix nights. Voila, you’ve just upgraded your chill-out zone!

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Is the Shell Chair from Manhattan Home Design the Missing Piece in Your Mid-Century Modern Puzzle?

Welcome to Manhattan Home Design Reviews, where we explore the world of contemporary furniture to enhance your living spaces. In today’s spotlight, we delve into the iconic Shell Chair and how it can transform your mid-century modern living room. Discover the brilliance behind the design, the impact it brings to your space, and the budget-friendly options available through Manhattan Home Design.

Shell Chair

The Designer Behind the Icon: Hans J. Wegner

At the heart of the Shell Chair’s allure is the visionary Danish designer, Hans J. Wegner. Renowned for his contributions to mid-century modern design, Wegner’s creations are celebrated for their functionality, simplicity, and timeless appeal. The Shell Chair, conceived in 1963, stands as a testament to Wegner’s mastery in blending form and function seamlessly.

Design Features:

The Shell Chair’s distinctive silhouette is characterized by its curvaceous, molded plywood seat that mimics the organic shape of a seashell. This ergonomic design provides both comfort and style, making it an ideal addition to any mid-century modern setting. The chair’s minimalistic frame, crafted from sturdy wood, further accentuates its timeless elegance.

Impact on Mid-Century Modern Living Rooms:

The Shell Chair is not merely a piece of furniture; it’s an artistic statement that brings a touch of mid-century sophistication to your living room. Its clean lines, natural materials, and iconic design make it a versatile addition, effortlessly complementing a variety of interior styles. Whether placed as a standalone accent piece or incorporated into a curated seating arrangement, the Shell Chair becomes the focal point, elevating the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Achieving a Budget-Friendly Setup with Manhattan Home Design:

Now, you can bring the timeless charm of the Shell Chair into your home without breaking the bank. Manhattan Home Design offers budget-friendly options that don’t compromise on quality or authenticity. By choosing a Shell Chair from Manhattan Home Design, you not only invest in a classic piece of furniture but also experience the satisfaction of smart shopping.

Ready to transform your living room with the iconic Shell Chair? Visit Manhattan Home Design’s product page to explore an array of options tailored to suit your style and budget. From classic finishes to contemporary twists, Manhattan Home Design provides a curated collection of Shell Chairs that align with your design preferences.

Incorporating the Shell Chair into your mid-century modern living room is a design decision that transcends trends and withstands the test of time. Hans J. Wegner’s masterpiece, available through Manhattan Home Design, is more than just a chair; it’s an embodiment of style, comfort, and craftsmanship. Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your living space—explore the Shell Chair collection at Manhattan Home Design today.

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How Can HON Furniture, Bellini Sofa, and Ducaroy Sofa Elevate Your Manhattan Home Design in 2023?

Here at Manhattan Home Design Reviews, we like to explore a wide variety of topics related to furniture and more, and today we will be talking about how Manhattan residents are always on the lookout for fresh ideas and trends that can transform their living spaces into havens of comfort and style. In 2023, the design landscape is marked by a heightened focus on comfort, unique decor ideas, and creating distinctive atmospheres. To help you stay on top of your home design game, we’ll explore how HON furniture, the Bellini Sofa, and the Ducaroy Sofa can play pivotal roles in crafting a stunning, comfortable, and on-trend living space for your Manhattan home.

How Can HON Furniture, Bellini Sofa, and Ducaroy Sofa Elevate Your Manhattan Home Design in 2023?
Modern living room design

Comfort and Relaxation: The Core of 2023 Trends

As we venture into 2023, the pursuit of comfort has become more paramount than ever. People are increasingly looking to create homes that provide a refuge from the hectic pace of city life. HON Furniture is well aware of this trend and has designed their pieces with a focus on ergonomics and plush seating to ensure a comfortable experience.

The Bellini Sofa, renowned for its cozy cushions and inviting design, is the perfect addition to your living room to enhance comfort. It’s designed to make you feel like you’re sinking into a cloud. Whether you’re reading a book, watching your favorite TV show, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee, the Bellini Sofa is there to envelop you in a sense of relaxation that’s unparalleled.

Specific Decor Ideas: Personalizing Your Space

In a city like Manhattan, where living spaces can be limited in size, making the most of your square footage is key. This is where personalized decor ideas come into play. HON Furniture offers a wide range of versatile pieces that allow you to create a unique ambiance within your home.

Ducaroy Chair Tan italian
Ducaroy Chair

If you’re aiming for a modern, minimalistic look, the Ducaroy Sofa can be your canvas for personal expression. This stylish sofa blends seamlessly with various decor styles, making it a versatile choice. Accessorize it with bold, colorful throw pillows and a few select pieces of artwork to give it a distinctive, personal touch.

Atmosphere: Crafting Your Dream Living Space

Your living space should be an extension of your personality and reflect the atmosphere you want to create. HON Furniture, with its timeless designs, caters to those who appreciate a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary styles.

The Bellini Sofa, with its sleek lines and elegant design, is perfect for creating a sophisticated atmosphere. Pair it with a glass coffee table, a statement rug, and some tasteful lighting to complete the look. The result will be a space that exudes elegance and refinement, making it ideal for hosting gatherings or simply enjoying a quiet evening at home.

Seasonal Themes: Refreshing Your Space Throughout the Year

In Manhattan, the change of seasons often brings a desire to refresh the home’s interior to match the mood and weather outside. This can be achieved through strategic use of furniture and decor.

HON Furniture’s practical and adaptable pieces, such as their desks and chairs, are well-suited for seasonal transformations. You can easily reconfigure your home office or study to welcome the warmth of summer or embrace the coziness of winter with a few well-chosen additions.

The Ducaroy Sofa’s sleek design can be elevated with seasonal throw blankets and decorative cushions to create a fresh look as the seasons change. In spring, go for pastel shades and floral patterns, while in the fall, opt for warm earthy tones and cozy textures.

How-To: Incorporating HON Furniture, Bellini Sofa, and Ducaroy Sofa into Your Manhattan Home

Now that we’ve explored the significance of comfort, specific decor ideas, atmosphere, and seasonal themes in Manhattan home design, let’s dive into how you can effectively incorporate HON Furniture, the Bellini Sofa, and the Ducaroy Sofa into your living space.

Space Planning: Assess your room and consider the available space. Choose furniture sizes that complement your room’s dimensions. HON Furniture offers a variety of options, from compact desks for your home office to expansive seating choices like the Bellini Sofa.

Color Palette: Select a color palette that aligns with your desired atmosphere. Whether you prefer a neutral and calming environment or a bold and vibrant one, HON Furniture’s versatile pieces can be customized to match your vision.

Accessorize: Add personal touches with decor items, such as artwork, throw pillows, and rugs. The Ducaroy Sofa is particularly accommodating to various accessories, allowing you to change the look and feel of your space whenever you like.

Lighting: Lighting plays a significant role in setting the mood of a room. Incorporate floor lamps, pendant lights, or table lamps to enhance the ambiance created by your chosen furniture pieces.

Maintenance: To ensure the longevity of your HON Furniture and sofas like the Bellini and Ducaroy, follow the manufacturer’s care instructions for cleaning and maintenance. Regular upkeep will keep your furniture looking and feeling its best.

In conclusion, Manhattan residents have a wealth of design options at their fingertips in 2023. Whether it’s the quest for comfort, the pursuit of specific decor ideas, the creation of unique atmospheres, the incorporation of seasonal themes, or simply mastering the art of how to style your living space, HON Furniture, the Bellini Sofa, and the Ducaroy Sofa provide the foundation for a successful home design venture. Embrace the trends of 2023 and embark on a journey of creating a home that not only reflects your personal style but also caters to your desire for comfort and relaxation. Manhattan Home Design Reviews recommends these exceptional pieces as ideal choices to elevate your living space and make it a true haven of style and comfort.

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Manhattan Home Design Reviews | How to expertly use the Ducaroy Chair Tan Italian

Manhattan Home Design Reviews | The mid-century modern aesthetic has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. It’s a sleek, minimalist style that exudes elegance and sophistication. And what better way to accentuate this style than with a classic piece of furniture like the Ducaroy chair tan Italian leather.

First introduced in 1973, the Ducaroy chair was designed by Michel Ducaroy for the French furniture company Ligne Roset. It features a distinctive low profile and a sleek, minimalist design that makes it perfect for mid-century modern interiors.

Ducaroy Chair Tan Italian
Ducaroy Chair in Tan Italian

So, how can you best utilize this beautiful piece of furniture in your mid-century modern setup?

Pair with geometric patterns and textures

One of the hallmarks of mid-century modern design is the use of geometric patterns and textures. This can be seen in everything from the wallpaper to the rug to the throw pillows on the sofa. The Ducaroy chair, with its clean lines and simple shape, provides the perfect contrast to these more complex patterns and textures. Try pairing the chair with a boldly patterned rug or throw pillow to really make it stand out.

Opt for a neutral color palette

Another key aspect of mid-century modern design is the use of neutral colors like beige, grey, and tan. These colors create a calming, peaceful environment that’s perfect for relaxing and unwinding after a long day. The tan Italian leather of the Ducaroy chair fits perfectly into this color palette and adds a touch of warmth to the room.

Use as an accent piece

While the Ducaroy chair is certainly comfortable enough to use as a primary seating option, it works best as an accent piece. Place it in a corner of the room, or use it to balance out a larger piece of furniture like a sectional sofa. The chair’s low profile means it won’t overpower the room, but its unique design will still draw the eye.

Mix and match with other mid-century modern furniture

The beauty of mid-century modern design is that it allows for a lot of mixing and matching. So, don’t be afraid to pair the Ducaroy chair with other pieces of furniture from the same era. A sleek, low coffee table or a minimalist floor lamp would be perfect additions to a room featuring the Ducaroy chair.

Consider the lighting

Finally, it’s important to consider the lighting when incorporating the Ducaroy chair into your mid-century modern setup. Mid-century modern design often incorporates floor lamps, wall sconces, and pendant lights with clean lines and simple shapes. Consider adding a floor lamp or pendant light near the chair to really showcase its unique design.

In conclusion, the Ducaroy chair in tan Italian leather is a perfect addition to any mid-century modern setup. Its sleek, minimalist design and neutral color palette make it a versatile piece that can be used as an accent piece or as part of a larger seating arrangement. By pairing it with other mid-century modern furniture, geometric patterns and textures, and the right lighting, you can create a truly stunning space that’s both functional and beautiful. Be sure to check out our other articles

The Togo Sofa: An Irreverent Design? | Manhattan Home Design Reviews

Michel Ducaroy’s Togo sofa has been the talk of the town for generations. Over time, it became one of the undeniable benchmarks of the Mid-Century Modern style, and there are those who cannot speak of modernism as a trend without mentioning this particular design. It’s worth a close look for a moment; That’s why, in this installment of Manhattan Home Design Reviews, we want you to think with us about why this piece can be considered “irreverent” for the context of its time and why it still looks so original after several decades since its launch.

The Togo Sofa

It’s true that since it first appeared, many people had something to say about the Ducaroy sofa, mainly because it was unlike anything they had seen before. The French creator knew that at that time (1973) the way of designing sofas was too tied to certain guidelines, paradigms, archetypes, and market rules. For this reason, practically all modern sofa models had much in common and fell into the same category due to their great similarities. Many innovated in materials, details, and sometimes superficial aesthetic aspects, but no one had taken such a risky leap.

Overcoming Barriers

After the launch of the Togo sofa, many were intimidated by being in the presence of an object that was tremendously ahead of its time. It was a fascinating, interesting, novel… the type of sofa that you wouldn’t expect to find in a living room, but that was still appealing and with an undeniable magnetism. Its popularity spread, and as soon as consumers, design enthusiasts and lovers of modernism discovered the benefits of this piece, they began to testify to its greatness. In a few words, it can be said that using a Ducaroy sofa is a very particular experience: it’s like sitting on a cloud.

The Ducaroy Sofa

The pillow shape that makes up its structure was its main hook. The author himself said that the design was “a tube of toothpaste folded over on itself like a stovepipe and closed at both ends”, a description that represented a direct testimony of that irreverence to which we have been referring, which aroused the fascination of the users. It didn’t take long for people to discover that the Togo sofa’s raison d’être had nothing to hide: it was a model made for comfort, in which you can sit or lie on all day, that looked amazing from any angle, and from the first glance you already knew that it wouldn’t go out of style so soon.

Michel Ducaroy Sofa

The three densities of high-quality polyether foam that make up the body of this model are combined to make the frame and deliver an ergonomic design for true enveloping comfort. The Togo sofa has very outstanding details, such as its superior craftsmanship, and its soft and durable chenille fabric, stain resistant and easy to clean. The sofa ended up becoming the favorite of children, pets, adults, and the best friend of your guests in the house and even the office. In conclusion: it’s an irreverent sofa, yes, but in the best way imaginable.

The Michel Ducaroy sofa and many other models are available in the Manhattan Home Design catalog.

Things You Should Know To Choose A Good Modern Sofa | Manhattan Home Design Reviews

It has ever happened to a large part of our readers that, while living and enjoying the beautiful process of furnishing their home, they suddenly found themselves at a crossroads in not knowing exactly which way to go, especially when it came to choosing their modern sofa.

It’s more difficult to know if a Bellini sofa, a Le Corbusier LC3 Sofa, or a Togo sofa is best for you and to choose a particular model when you are not very clear about your guidelines and you don’t know exactly what could work best for you. In this entry of Manhattan Home Design Reviews, we’ll give you a small guide to choosing your ideal sofa.

The Ducaroy Sofa

How To Choose a Sofa

One of the most important questions you’ll face during your interior design process is how to choose the right sofa. Are you in the middle of that work right now? So, you must have already realized the amazing amount of options that can cross your eyes simply trying to choose the modern sofa that can look best in your living room.

To help you in your process, we can make a small list of the aspects that you should take into account before deciding which is the best design for you and the reasons why these aspects are so relevant in a piece of furniture:

Le Corbusier 3 Style Sofa
  • Color. It’s not difficult to imagine why color is such an important aspect. If your style is Modernist, it’s advisable to have a predominantly light color palette in your environment and choose a sofa model with a bold color that works as an accent tone.
  • Materials. Materials are directly related to the design’s functionality. For example, if you’re very susceptible to allergies from dust and lint, a leather sofa is probably best for you because they’re waterproof and flexible. If you have pets at home, microfiber upholstery is more resistant to hair and claws. If you prefer fabric upholstery, the options are endless in colors and finishes, but it’s not the best option if you have small children at home. Reflect for a moment on which material is best for you.
  • Design. There’s a very important difference between a modular sofa like the Bellini Camaleonda Sofa, a sectional, a corner sofa, a loveseat, and a linear sofa. All are very functional in their way, but the choice of each one will depend on the needs of the environment and the user’s lifestyle. If you have, for example, an open-concept floor plan, a large sectional could help you visually divide the living room area to separate it from the other sections.
Bellini Camaleonda Sofa
  • Size. This is an essential part of any floor plan. You need to know exactly how much space you have for your sofa so that you can choose the correct size model. You don’t want to be surprised by bringing home a sofa that is too small or too large for your living room.
  • Style. Finally, you have to ensure that the consonance in the style is maintained. It would look very strange and out of place a classic sofa with all kinds of ornamental details installed in an ultra-modern environment where all the furniture pieces are minimalist, with designs defined by soft and direct lines.

Choose the sofa that best reflects your décor’s style.

The Togo Sofa and The Ducaroy Collection: Wonders of Modern Design | Manhattan Home Design Reviews

The Ducaroy collection, made up of all the amazing pieces that are part of the dazzling living room set that was born from the imagination and ingenuity of Michel Ducaroy in 1973, is as relevant or more relevant than ever. In this special Manhattan Home Design Reviews article, we’ll briefly talk about each of the pieces that make up this collection, all of which are available in this store’s catalog and can help you configure an extraordinary and unforgettable modern layout.

First of all, a piece that has practically the fame of a celebrity: the Togo sofa, also known as the Ducaroy sofa, is an extraordinary piece in every way, from the quality and composition of its materials to the original and irreverent design that gained the attention of specialized critics and the general public. It’s not for nothing that users love this sofa, which its own creator described as “a bent tube of toothpaste.” It’s a model that achieved what Michel wanted: to break with the typical paradigms of furniture design.

The Togo Sofa

You can use your Togo sofa in any type of modern layout, and you’ll find that the piece looks spectacular from any angle. Furthermore, it’s available in a wide variety of different colors and finishes such as fabric, leather, velvet, boucle, etc. You can choose the version that looks best with your decorating style, color palette, and materials that predominate in the place. Some people have a business and want their customers to get a great impression of their facility, so they use the Togo sofa in waiting rooms, lobbies, and other areas.

A Grand and Legendary Collection

In addition to the Togo sofa, a Ducaroy loveseat is a good option for very small or minimalist spaces. It’s the perfect type of sofa for studio apartments or areas with simple but elegant modern decorations. One of the most outstanding features of this loveseat, compared to other designs, is that it’s amazingly ergonomic and can give the user a great sense of comfort. You can relax in it and let yourself be lulled by its curved folds, specially created like that to support the body in a very comfy and relaxing way.

The space dimensions you need to furnish may be perfectly compatible with the size of the Togo loveseat. Like many other modern designs, its functionality is focused on practicality, so you can even move it from one place to another easily. It’s a sofa that fits in extremely well with the agile and fast-paced lifestyle of human beings today. It’s always a good time to enjoy a moment of respite and relaxation on your Togo two-seater sofa.

The Ducaroy Sofa

Next on the list is the Togo chair, also called the Ducaroy Fireside chair. It’s the perfect accent chair, in the opinion of many professional interior designers and design enthusiasts. Its great versatility allows it to look good in practically any spot where you decide to place it. Having an iconic design of this magnitude always represents an outstanding advantage, taking into account that its value isn’t only functional and aesthetic but also symbolic, for everything it represents. The Togo chair is the type of chair that your guests will love to use and won’t forget because it has an unmistakable identity. Also, if the rest of your pieces also belong to the Ducaroy collection, this chair will come in handy.

Your friends will congratulate you on having a Togo chair at home since, from the moment they see and use it, they’ll realize that it’s not an ordinary accent chair by any means. Also, those who have knowledge of design history will understand that you have one of the most acclaimed products of its style in your home. Many people automatically think of the Ducaroy chair when talking about the Michel Ducaroy’s legacy, and it’s not surprising: among all the pieces in his collections, this is usually one of the most mentioned, sought after, and sold.

Togo Chair

Build a Complete and Ergonomic Living Room

On the other hand, if your taste for modernism and the Ducaroy style is total, then you can turn your sofa into a modular design by adding a Ducaroy corner piece. Whether it’s leather or fabric, this piece will allow you to give your Ducaroy sofa a better form and functionality, professionally speaking, whether it’s the Togo loveseat or the Ducaroy 3-seater sofa. It’s perfect for corners, but it also serves to divide different areas within an open-concept floor plan since, as it functions as a modular sofa, you can enlarge it by adding as many seats as necessary. Why not?

You can also use your Togo corner piece as an accent chair. Probably, this is not the main function for which it was originally created, but there’s no doubt that it will help you cover a corner in a very elegant and cozy way. Imagine configuring your reading corner using one of these pieces, with a floor lamp and a shelf with your favorite volumes on one side. It’s just one of the many ideas that can work with this corner piece so that you can fully enjoy all its features.

Ducaroy Corner Piece

Last but not least, the Togo ottoman is the item you need to make your collection complete and fully functional. Ottomans represent a highly rated resource, requested by the vast majority of users to give more value to the environment. With a Ducaroy ottoman, you can fully rest your body, as your legs will find the support they need to relax. There are all kinds of ottomans on the market, with infinite sizes, colors, and designs, but it’s better for you to choose this ottoman if your other pieces are from the Togo collection to make everything more cohesive.

Togo Ottoman

As you can see, these wonderful pieces have a timeless character; they are designs that have continued to conquer the taste and attention of several generations after their launch and continue to do so today. Don’t miss the opportunity to make these masterpieces become the focal point of your living room and the reason why everyone finds your home a cozy, elegant place, with an unparalleled MCM style.

Shopping List:

This is a list of items from the Ducaroy Collection that you are likely to be interested in buying and we recommend you visit:

Ducaroy Fireside Chair Fabric

Ducaroy Quayside 3 Seater Sofa Fabric

Ducaroy Fireside Chair Leather

Ducaroy Portside 2 Seater Sofa Fabric

Ducaroy Quayside 3 Seater Sofa Leather

Ducaroy Ottoman Fabric

Ducaroy Portside 2 Seater Sofa Leather

Ducaroy Corner Piece Fabric

Ducaroy Ottoman Leather

Ducaroy Corner Piece Leather

Ideal Designs For a Perfect Minimalist Environment | Manhattan Home Design Reviews

Much has been said and written about minimalism, most of all by specialists in interior design and decor: that it’s a convenient trend due to its use of space, a sense of practicality, an aesthetic style based on simplicity, and many more advantages. In this entry of Manhattan Home Design reviews, we want to give you some valuable information about the products that you can use to make your MCM minimalist environment live up to your expectations and be just as you need and imagine it.

Currently, many people are still asking: Why should I choose minimalism? Is it really something that suits me? And the answers to these questions are fully subject to personal criteria, taking into account that each style has its own characteristics and each person will choose one or the other depending on their priorities, but what we can guarantee you is that this is one of the best ways to have your space organized without necessarily losing elegance, beauty, and still being very attractive to any user.

The Ducaroy Collection

What Do you Need For a Minimalist Layout?

Since minimalism is a style based on the practicality and elegance of simplicity, it’s best to choose furniture designs that follow these same guidelines. Not surprisingly, some of the most popular pieces of Mid-Century Modern, such as the LC3 Sofa by Le Corbusier, the Ducaroy sofa (also known as the Togo sofa), or the Bellini sofa by Mario Bellini are products that give people something to talk about because of their aesthetic value and also for the technical characteristics that make them highly functional.

The Le Corbusier sofa is famous for its impressive leather finishes that cover its dense and robust cushions, its external tubular steel structure, and its outstanding design, with such great aesthetic versatility that it’s capable of making practically any environment look amazing. It’s a timeless sofa with a so noticeable magnetism that it has continued to attract the attention of all kinds of audiences for generations.

Le Corbusier Chair

The Ducaroy sofa, for its part, is probably the emblematic creation of Michel Ducaroy and one of the reasons why his name has become so famous in the world of design, to this day. It’s one of the most interesting and original pieces of furniture, with a silhouette that its own creator compared to a “bent toothpaste tube”, and a type of modernism that proved to be extremely ahead of its time. This is the type of sofa that is not only visually unforgettable but so comfortable that users always want to return to it again and again.

The Bellini sofa, on the other hand, is perfect for “creative minds”. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out how a model of this style became what it is today: one of the main references in modern modular sofas and an icon of its style. Mario Bellini wanted to deliver a technically advanced and efficient sofa that looked appealing and could be transformed in many ways, very easily, without neglecting ergonomics and durability, and he succeeded amazingly well.

These are just a few examples of pieces that you can use to successfully configure your minimalist environment and enjoy the advantages of this trend that is so suitable for an agile and simple lifestyle like yours.

The Ducaroy Quayside 3 Seater Sofa Fabric: A Different Experience In Your Living Room

Can you remember any piece of furniture from forty or more years ago that is still very well known and sold today? If you are a great connoisseur of furniture design, several products probably come to mind. If you are not very familiar, then get ready to learn, in this installment of Manhattan Home Design Reviews, the profile of one of the most amazing models of modernism: the Togo sofa, especially its Ducaroy Quayside 3 Seater Sofa Fabric version. It’s a product that will probably become a star resource in your living room, and that’s why you should know everything you can do with it.

The Ducaroy sofa was born from the imagination and ingenuity of Michel Ducaroy, and it’s the kind of design that was made to survive the future changing trends in the world of interior design and decor. It must be said that, if that was the most important purpose of its creator, he certainly more than achieved it. Naturally, although some love and others hate this peculiar piece, the fact is that it quickly managed to position itself among the most iconic products in its category. Its plush and striking presence is the most obvious reason why it’s impossible to ignore.

The Ducaroy Sofa

A Sofa Made To Be Admired

It was 1973 when the Togo sofa entered the scene. Its bold style and the spirit of creativity it conveyed earned it the attention of specialized critics. Very soon, it also won the appreciation of the general public, and in a few years it was reigning in hundreds of living rooms around the world. Since then, several versions with different types of upholstery and colors have appeared on the market. In addition, the complete collection is made up of a corner piece, an ottoman, and a fireside chair. Together, this set of pieces completes the Ducaroy collection, a team like no other when it comes to originality and authenticity.

To have a Togo 3-seater sofa fabric at home is to have a piece of furniture that doesn’t look like any average modern design that you can find in any catalog. It’s a design with such a marked identity that it becomes difficult to even try to imitate. Its dimensions, plump cushions, cozy folds, touch-friendly finishes, and its “bent toothpaste tube” shape set it apart from any conventional archetype and make it the kind of piece you won’t easily find in any modern living room. If one thing is certain, it’s that your friends will not forget this sofa so easily, especially after having used it.

The Togo Sofa

Elegance and ergonomics are two ingredients that are essential for many users, and it’s not always possible to find them in any modernist design. The Togo sofa is that and more because it’s such an iconic piece that it has gained a great symbolic value and represents with great success the key points of modernism: minimalism, practicality, comfort, and a character of disinhibition with which many users will feel identified. Without a doubt, it’s one of the best alternatives that you’ll get out there.

How to Configure Your Layout With the Ducaroy Sofa and Its Complementary Pieces | Manhattan Home Design Reviews

It’s surprising how the Ducaroy sofa, also known as the Togo sofa, and all the pieces that make up its collection have begun to dominate the posts of many influencers and appear in Instagram feeds as if it were a newly launched novelty. The truth is that this prodigy appeared for the first time in the 70s, and the fact that it continues to be so popular is nothing but the most direct evidence that it’s a timeless piece, well ahead of the time it was released. Even today when you see it, it continues to surprise you with its originality, bold features, and the incredible user experience that it’s still capable of offering. In this entry of Manhattan Home Design Reviews, we’ll let you know why this magnificent line of products could be the perfect match for your interior decor project.

One of the most outstanding features of this model is its unmistakable identity. Its seat close to the ground is defined by a curve and a sunken profile that Michel Ducaroy himself compared to a “bent tube of toothpaste”. Its silhouette is enhanced by the memorable wavy lines that define its finish, whether in fabric or leather, and are one of the reasons why the sofa also represents a nice source of ergonomics. If you think about it, there’s hardly a single modern environment in which this model can go unnoticed, since it conveys a flair of carefreeness and, at the same time, a lot of authenticity.

The Togo Sofa

Many are the people who at first glance have rejected this model for considering it too unorthodox, but after using it for the first time, they realize that its swollen modules really represent the type of seat they would like to have in their living room or in any other space of the house: it’s amazingly cozy, welcoming; the type of design that reminds us why modernism went so far and became a reference for an entire era— a style that continues to conquer the hearts of new generations.

A Design That Reflects Your Personality

If you are one of those who are more than convinced that this “funky sofa” is the one that should be in your living room, it’s best that you also evaluate the possibility of integrating it with the rest of the pieces that make up the Ducaroy collection setting. In fact, the Togo sofa is available in different versions and sizes, such as the Ducaroy Portside 2 Seater Sofa fabric, the Ducaroy Quayside 3 Seater Sofa leather, and, in order to install the complete set, it must be placed next to the Ducaroy Fireside Chair fabric or leather, the Ducaroy ottoman, and the Ducaroy corner piece. In this way, your layout will look complete, cohesive, with a very special style coherence that will integrate your furniture in a wonderful way.

The specialists know it: the Ducaroy sofa has a lot of comforts to offer and that’s what has allowed it to stay current, at a time when that’s precisely the main hook that motivates many users to decide on one model or another. When it comes to comfortable sofas, this kind of “modernist bean bag” is more than many expect. With the turn of the millennium, it has been going in and out of the peaks of popularity, but right now it’s in one of its best moments. More and more users are looking for a dense seat that can give them the hours of relax that today’s adult lifestyle needs.

The Ducaroy Collection

If the idea of a striking sofa, incredibly pleasant and with a really captivating modern style is what most appeals to you, installing the Ducaroy collection is probably what you have been looking for. The Togo sofa and all its companions are available in the Manhattan Home Design catalog.