Manhattan Home Design Reviews | Florence Arm Chair: an Idyllic Modernist Design For Your Decoration

Manhattan Home Design Reviews. To talk about accent chairs is to enter a world full of many possibilities. It’s enough to take a look at the catalogs of the various furniture stores of that style to realize that the number of options available is not only very large, but also complex and diverse, in the best imaginable sense: sizes, materials, colors, finishes, upholstery, and a long etcetera that also includes all kinds of functional and technical characteristics. Taking all that into account, you are probably wondering: How do I know which criteria to follow specifically when choosing the perfect accent chair for my layout? Why should a model like the Florence Arm Chair be the chosen one? What’s special about it? In this edition of Manhattan Home Design Reviews, we’ll introduce you to this model that has received such good comments and applause since its release on the market.

The first thing you have to know about this elegant piece is that it’s an ultra-comfortable seat presented by Florence Knoll in 1956. It’s a Mid-Century Modern model upholstered in leather with a surprising aesthetic, visually welcoming, and at the height of the most demanding users. Its finishes are formed with flexible aniline, natural oils, and waxes to give it an appealing and sophisticated look. Inside, steel springs and solid wood provide strength and stability. The cushions of this sofa are filled with dense foam, which offers incredible comfort, made of safe and reliable materials that don’t present health risks of any kind and have a high resistance to flames.

florence arm chair
The Florence Arm Chair

A Design That Has It All

The best thing about a chair as iconic as this one is that it basically has everything that a design of its stature and importance should have: a timeless modernist aesthetic that not only made a huge impact in its time but still looks amazing today on every kind of environments (either in its version of tan leather or black leather), materials of extraordinary quality, which give it great durability and useful life that can be extended for many years. What’s better for a piece of furniture than to become a family heirloom? Better yet: What could be better for a piece like this than to be loved by many generations to come, who can continue to give it a place of honor in their spaces?

florence modern chair
Florence Modern Armchair

On the other hand, if you like designs based on clean and straight lines, dense cushions, and a minimalist flair that doesn’t need too much sophistication to look highly cozy and welcoming, this piece is most likely in tune with your tastes and expectations. There are many indoors in which you can integrate it with great success and enjoy its benefits.

Never forget that style is defined based on the tastes and personality of the users. At least, that’s how it should be, so that the spaces reflect what they like and they can feel comfortable enough in them. The Florence Armchair can be one of your great allies in this task and help you achieve the interior decor project of your dreams.

iconic armchair
Florence Accent Chair