Manhattan Home Design Reviews | Wood: a Resource That Can Transform Your Layout

Manhattan Home Design Reviews. You may have heard it said many times and you’ve likely seen it yourself in almost all the most popular decorating styles and the most claimed design trends: wood is always present. It’s that this material has had a great role and a place of honor within the world of interior design and decor since its inception and throughout the centuries. Any mid-career professional furniture designer or interior decorator will quickly recognize the aesthetic value that only wood can offer. However, very few people know the secrets of this wonderful resource and the properties that earned it its wide reputation. In this Manhattan Home Design Reviews post, we’ll talk a little about the benefits of wood and how you can use it to your advantage for your interior decor project.

Wood is an element that comes directly from nature, specifically from trees, and as such is unique, because it’s a material that only time and the ecosystem as a whole are capable of forging through the years. Some trees take hundreds of years to reach their most optimal and amazing states, allowing them to develop incredibly strong and extremely beautiful trunks. These logs are used for the manufacture of first-class parts and are quoted on the market at high prices. Some woods from trees such as pine, cherry, oak, and mahogany are highly requested for the manufacture of pieces of all kinds. Others like the American Walnut stand out for their undeniable beauty and smooth texture.

modern decor
A Stunning Interior Decor Project With Wood

What Makes Wood So Special?

Many furniture pieces, especially chairs with sophisticated designs, are manufactured using special techniques to give them a specific shape. In the middle of the twentieth century, a wave of architects and designers who began to gain a lot of fame for their creations led the movement of innovative designs that’s currently known as the “Mid-Century Modern” style and, to this day, continues to be one of the most requested and adopted trends worldwide. Pieces that became world-famous have wooden components that are especially appreciated for the whole process they go through before being assembled into the piece.

classic lounge chair
Classic Lounge Chair

Some products from Manhattan Home Design, like the Classic Lounge Chair, use plywood, which is molded in the workshops to give it its appealing curved shape. The plywood or walnut veneer components of this chair are introduced into a conveyor that applies glue to both sides. One veneer made for this chair can have up to seven layers of plywood. These veneers then go through furnaces where the high temperatures allow them to give the shape that they will finally have. Thus, the result will be a high-quality chair, considered by many to be a luxury piece, with incredibly attractive wooden components not only for its sculptural design but also for its bright colors and its lacquered, shiny, and gleaming surface.

modern lounge chair
Classic Mid-Century Chair

The above is just one example of the many wonders that wood allows us to do. The development of industrial techniques and specialized processes to make it look better and make parts more and more functional were mainly the drivers of its development and its use in tables, doors, dressers, stools, beds, shelves, desks, media centers, sideboards, and even complete architectural projects. If you haven’t had the opportunity to know all the advantages that wood can offer you, it’s never too late to experience all the benefits that this material can give to your spaces.

Manhattan Home Design Reviews | The LC4 Lounge Chaise: An Iconic Piece That Prevails

Manhattan Home Design Reviews. There are several reasons why the LC4 Lounge Chaise created by Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand, and Pierre Jeanneret became a transcendental piece and one of the Mid-Century Modern style icons. Some have called it a “relaxation machine”, and those are not idle ideas. The piece, exhibited for the first time in 1929, a year after it was created, was a highly influential element that didn’t go unnoticed in the eyes of interior decor enthusiasts and was acclaimed by specialized critics, with a resonance that, to this day, it can still be seen. This Manhattan Home Design Reviews entry will allow you to discover in depth one of the most prestigious pieces in the MCM catalog.

According to records, the piece retains a style adopted from Thonet furniture. The tubular steel elements were one of its most outstanding attributes and one of the characteristics that broke the mold since, although the 1920s was a period in which much experimentation was done with this resource, most of its applications were relegated to bistros and hospitals, with an evident absence in the designs of avant-garde furniture pieces.

LC4 Lounge chair
LC4 Lounge Chair

At first, the public didn’t express a high demand for the futuristic designs, but things changed when, after the presentation of the design at the Salon d’Automne, its production was greatly expanded. Its success was first high in France and, some time later, it spread its popularity to other territories, overcoming more and more borders and, over the years, conquering new generations.

Over the decades, as naturally happens with other successful designs, many models with similar characteristics began to appear on the market, in which the same materials were used. However, Le Corbusier’s original model is preserved as the main reference point for all those products inspired by his. The prestige gained by the lounge chair prompted true lovers of MCM design to locate the authentic piece, with all the features born from the imagination and ingenuity of its creators, taking into account that it’s a piece made to provide a comfortable, ergonomic, and pleasant user experience. A high-class design, made with special care in the details and top-quality materials.

A Chair Made for the Human Body

The LC4 Lounge Chaise was conceived always with the position of the human body in mind first. The sensations that it was capable of transmitting to those who used it seemed to be the most important goal of the project, but without neglecting the aesthetic aspect and its relationship with the rest of the components of an interior layout: architecture, surroundings and prestige. The user was at the center of the design, and the result exceeded expectations, not only because of its excellent functional qualities but also because it looked spectacular from any angle.

Le Corbusier lounge chair
Le Corbusier Lounge Chair

The idea on which the design is based is comfort with form and function as the protagonists. The shape of the seat, with a wide, curved silhouette that supports the back and elevates the legs for full body care, is capable of providing optimal relaxation at any angle of inclination. Having an LC4 Lounge Chair in your living room definitely means upgrading your home to the next level.