Manhattan Home Design Reviews | The Egg Chair: Sensational Tool for Modern Designers

Manhattan Home Design Reviews | As you may know, design in general is a very complex thing. Still, when talking about home designing and decorating, there are a lot of factors and small details to consider even before starting the design process. Things like available area, objective, possible obstacles, how many people live in the house, colors to avoid… it is really a big deal! That is why professionals in the field must always be at the vanguard. One of the specific themes you can choose for your living room to be designed in is the modernism style, and one tool to make the best out of it is the Egg Chair! in this entry of Manhattan Home Design Reviews, we will talk a little bit more about it and the modernism style!

Egg Chair
Egg Chair (Black fabric)

A different style, other than Mcm

Modernism, also known as art nouveau, is an art movement. The Belle Époque era, which came to an end in 1914 with the outbreak of World War I, was known for its use of Art Nouveau. It was a response to the eclecticism, historicism, and academic art of 19th-century architecture and ornamentation. A sense of vitality and movement, sometimes conveyed by asymmetry or whiplash lines, and the use of contemporary materials, primarily iron, glass, ceramics, and later concrete, to produce unconventional forms and bigger open spaces were further features of Art Nouveau.

What about the room design with the Egg Chair?

While the egg chair is mainly a furniture piece belonging to the modernism wave, you can also mix it up with the classic mid-century modern design! This chair is more expandable and adaptable than it first appears to be. Place the egg chair in your living room and be sure that it will feel in the right layout. A comfortable, full of joy, and interesting experience is easily achieved with the addition of the Egg Chair

More technical features about the Egg Chair

This particular listing of the egg chair from Manhattan Home Designs is available in two different versions, leather and fabric (also in various different colors!) so choose the one according to your specific likes.

Fire Retardant Polyurethane Foam Padding because safety and comfort go hand in hand. 360 rotation degree swivel so you don’t feel restrained, movement is important! Molded fiberglass frame as is the standard and with a polished aluminum base resistant to chipping and flaking

It is safe to say that the egg chair is an all-around chair that you can use to rest, work, and have a pleasant afternoon while reading a book. And there you have it, the modernism powerhouse that is the egg chair. Be sure to check out our other articles