Manhattan Home Design Reviews | The Powerful and Minimalistic Style of the Florence Knoll Sofa

Manhattan Home Design Reviews. Mid-century modern is certainly one of the most famous and influential design waves to use in your layouts, why is that? It is because this way of furnishing and decorating your living rooms and spaces, in general, happens to be very appealing to most people due to its versatility and adaptability to the daily life of workers and homeowners in general, you can’t go wrong with it. It’s a safe choice if you’re struggling to pick a way to furnish your favorite room, but what is a good way to achieve an mcm layout with ease? The Florence Knoll Sofa! and in this entry of Manhattan Home Design Reviews we take a deeper look at the features and benefits

What can the Florence Knoll Sofa offer you?

A lot of things! in fact, it is easier to ask what would it not give to you. This sofa brings versatility, adaptability, flexibility, comfort, familiarity, and soberness, and all of this is thanks to its design that was carefully made with these exact thoughts and features in mind! Florence Knoll decided to impress the best things about the Mid-century modern style and portray them in a beautifully done amalgamation of great features as you can see!

Florence Knoll Sofa
Florence Knoll Sofa – Midcentury 3-seater leather

Technical specifications

This specific iteration of the Florence Knoll Sofa rocks a tanned leather (kinda looking like orange) color on top of a premium top quality leather with stain protection to provide comfort and durability for a long time. Stainless steel frame as you may expect from a high-quality product. Detachable cushions so you can replace them or more easily clean them, and they also have zippers because you can never get enough options!

The designer behind it

Florence Knoll was an icon of the design world, an adept of the Mid-century modern movement, and really left an influential mark on its philosophy. After WWII, she was one of the first to introduce concepts of efficiency in the furniture and arrangement of the space, function over form, and minimal ornamentation; cornerstones of the mid-century modern style.

How to get one?

Well, everyday folks often cannot afford the original Knoll items personally, however, if you resonate with the Florence sofa or any other piece of furniture from the Florence Knoll collection, you may get it! As Manhattan Home Designs is having a Fall Sale and this sofa is one of the featured items

And there you have it, a quick rundown on the features, designer, tech details, and even how to purchase this masterpiece of modern design. Highly consider it for your layouts as it is a safe choice. Easy recommendation 

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